Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Grandma at Last

Well I an finally a Grandma! Thank you Amy and Riley! I have long awaited this position. She is so precious. It is fun to see the experience through their eyes. Amy seems a natural other than she didn't think of the pajama thing (sorry Amy, I thought it was funny) But Riley...This is a whole new experience. On his first day of tending, I stopped by he had explained that he had given her about 6 or so bottles some as he called it "FART medicine" (that is mylicon drops) and she was still fussy.I explained that the gas medicine was more for burping than passing gas. I was thinking SIX Bottles in 4 hours! I bet she has a tummy ache. I didn't realize there were only 1-2 maybe 3 ounces in some of them. He was doing a great job. As we sat on the sofa he tells me that he had no idea that this baby experiences would be so fun. I asked "exactly what did you think?" He replied that he thought it was going to consist of taking care of someones every need, more as a duty. I told him that is exactly what he is doing, the only difference is that you love her, so that takes away the 'chore' part of it.
It makes me wonder how you have that instant love for someone, but I remember I had that with my own children. And as they continue to grow so does your love.
So to my precious Baby Abby..."I Love You!"

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